2016 Golden Haiku Winners

Golden HaikuCongratulations to the authors of the winning poems from the 2016 Golden Haiku Contest!


Take a look around you while you’re outside and you’ll find 125 beautiful haiku. Click here to see a map of where to find them. Snap a photo, and share on social media using #GoldenHaiku!

First Place

spring breeze
the sari slides down
her shoulder

— Kala Ramesh

Second Place

almost spring
the florist waters
her sidewalk

— Peter Newton

Third Place

green heart
inside a twig
broken off

— Meik Blöttenberger

Runners Up

Full Worm Moon  —
a freight train’s whistle trails off
past the south end

— Elaine Andrre


I just want some lunch.
Fast casual surrounds me.
Why’s the line so long?

— Kayla Anthony


dogwood in bloom
we talk salary
and benefits

— Susan  Antolin


alpine lake
a kayak glides by
on a cloud

— ernest berry


the slenderness
of a stem

— Meik  Blöttenberger


each other’s backs
rambling roses

— Maria Bonsanti


al fresco lunch
sharing a cheese pizza
cherry blossom topping

— Raj Bose


as if
for the first time …
morning glories

— Mark Brager


past all words
the color of pines
in rain

— Mark Brager


in a handful
of spring rain
this floating world

— Mark Brager


a second line
on the pregnancy test,
the curl of the fern

— Patricia (“Trish”) Bright


empty swing
creaking in the breeze,
March chill

— Patricia (“Trish”) Bright


a contrail drifts
past a star,
spring dawn

— Patricia (“Trish”) Bright


spring thaw
her tattoo

— Helen Buckingham


songbirds circle
the bandstand
spring gathering

— Helen Buckingham


just dawn
in Lincoln’s shadow
cherry blossoms

— Amada Burgard


crescent moon
the warmth of his hand
on my hip

— Terry Ann Carter


finding space
in the sky
tomato planting

— Anna Cates


airport lounge …
seeping through the glass wall
spring sun

— Kanchan Chatterjee


of a leaping fish …
winter moon

— Kanchan  Chatterjee


old men gossip
under the banyan’s canopy …
spring breeze

— Sandip Chauhan


spring morning
skimming cream off the top
of the milk bottle

— Margaret Chula


morning glory  —
I wish I knew more
about her dreams

— cezar-florin ciobîcă


the child blows
away dandelions’ fluff…
end of spring

— Ana Drobot


finally finding
behind the jack-o-lanterns
the Easter baskets

— Anna Eklund-Cheong


spring cleaning  —
dry pine needles
fly from my rugs

— Anna Eklund-Cheong


first crocus
last Christmas napkin
under my mug of tea

— Anna Eklund-Cheong


slanting to the angle
of birches
spring storm

— Judson Evans


spring rain  —
unfolding origami
of the hive

— Judson Evans


Rush hour
becomes a joy
on two wheels.

— Jonathan Ewing


March perigee …
the hare and I

— Grace Galton


the first cuckoo …
a slight hesitation
in the nun’s prayers

— Grace Galton

spring morning
the weight
of a feather

— Mel Goldberg


dew glistens
on the spider’s web
spring morning

— Mel Goldberg


spring night
through the open window
music and laughter

— Mel Goldberg


cheek to cheek
the pink blush
of cherry blossom

— Simon Hanson


dawn light
in the wake of a swan
the wake of her young

— Simon Hanson


the smell of hose water
a rainbow
in the spray

— Jackson


outside the old folks home
flashing red lights;
frost on the first daffodil

— Jackson


spring thaw
we decide not to replace
the rotted fence

— Alexander Joy


the weeping willow
touches water —
a memory surfaces

— Mary Kendall


pruning the trees
of public garden —
crow eggs on asphalt

— Lavana kray


little girl
pushing a baby stroller —
plum petals over doll

— Lavana kray


flea street vendor —
the straw hat turning
into a bird nest

— Lavana kray


old cherry tree
ready to be cut down
blossoming overnight

— Lavana kray


sweeping forbidden!
the girl hangs a banner
in the cherry blooms

— Lavana kray


the soft warmth
of my child’s breath —

— Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy


spring sky
one dove after

— Gregory Longenecker


standing beneath
the falling blossoms …
the child in me

— Gregory Longenecker


spring walk …
from puddle to puddle
the whole sky

— Maya Lyubenova


Spring crops
besides the flowers
an armful of haiku

— Franklin Magalhães


narcissus in bloom
I take a selfie
by the lake

— Ann Magyar


by the halls of congress
cherry blossoms fall
left and right

— Ann Magyar


I forgot
the magnolia tree —
until it bloomed

— Tomislav Maretic


spring morning
i take an extra turn
in the roundabout

— Anna Maris


spring tidings
the deliquescence
of edges

— dl mattila


flying kites
the wind and i
pull together

— dl mattila


spring —
a lone daffodil
fills the field

— an mayou


dandelion field
i pick a wish
and blow

— an mayou


after the spring rain
a full moon
in every puddle

— Donald McLeod


light spring rain —
the blindman
takes off his hat

— Donald McLeod


by moonlight
the leafing reed plot
hither and thither

— Vasile Moldovan


All winter they walked
Hand in hand
At last, no gloves

— Marina Muhlfriedel


Reaching for a coat.
Her pink cardigan pleads
“Take me”

— Marina Muhlfriedel

the classic car
emerges from the dark garage
spring sun

— kj munro


early spring …
my daughter’s snowman

— Archana Kapoor Nagpal


in the woodland pond
amid floating blossoms
a turtle

— Sue Neufarth Howard


calm lake —
a duck nudges
the setting sun

— Rita Odeh


singing back
to the nightingale …
my inner child

— Rita Odeh


purple martin —
a little moth and then
no little moth

— Marianne Paul


new rain boots
the puddle
finds the little boy

— Marianne Paul


Flying petals —
the black cat’s eyes
blink drowsily

— Virginia Popescu


Old walls —
a blooming lilac
paints the sky

— Virginia Popescu


the pause
he takes on his flute —
spring rain

— Kala Ramesh


twilight trees
birds go in and out
of song

— Kala Ramesh


Blades of grass
Peek through melting snow
The robins return

— Ariel Ribeiro


If your friends all jumped
Off a cliff would you follow?
Yes, said the petal.

— Madelyn Rosenberg


Ice storm
each jonquil in its own
glass case

— Alexis Rotella


the first bloom
my heart to the sky

— Natalia Rudychev


early spring
a curtain

— Ernesto P. Santiago


petal by petal
the courtyard fills
with time

— Agnes Eva Savich


hide and seek
a bee hidden
in a snowdrop

— Vessislava Savova


shining wind
the light chatter
of aspen leaves

— Olivier Schopfer


spring morning
a baby bird
tests its wings

— Christina Sng


cherry blossoms
on the park bench
in memoriam

— Sneha Sundaram


small spring garden —
some love letters
in the mud

— Maria Tirenescu


finally out
without a sweater
the small dog

— Jessica Tremblay


the koi glides
from white clouds
to dark clouds

— Jessica Tremblay


leaning closer to see it
the crocus

— Jessica Tremblay


group picture
he cuts off
the cherry tree

— Jessica Tremblay


at thin air —
sweet pea tendrils

— Julie Warther


all at once
little by little
the willow’s green

— Julie Warther


the kite festival …

— Julie Warther


spring night …
walking and talking
beneath the yellow moon

— Bill Waters


saffron smudges
in the evening sky …

— Bill Waters


riverside wedding —
the flower girl
picks a dandelion

— Bill Waters

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