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This page provides updates on ReOpen DC for members of the Golden Triangle community. Please contact us if you have questions about any of the information listed below.

July 27, 2020: Requirement to Self-Quarantine After Non-Essential Travel During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and Possible Phase Two Interventions

On July 24, Mayor Bowser issued Mayor’s Order 2020-081: Requirement to Self-Quarantine After Non-Essential Travel During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. This new order means the following:

  • Beginning Monday, July 27, anyone coming into Washington, DC from a high-risk area who was not traveling for essential activities will be required to self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • The order excludes Maryland and Virginia. DC Health has published the current list of high-risk states. DC Health will update this list every two weeks.
  • If people come into Washington, DC from a high-risk area because they are returning home after performing an essential duty or because they are coming here in order to perform an essential duty they should only leave home/where they are staying in order to perform essential activities.

In the press conference held on July 24, Mayor Bowser also addressed possible Phase Two interventions due to the current number of coronavirus cases in DC. The city will continue to closely monitor coronavirus case counts. If necessary, the city could dial back allowable activities in the areas of personal services, indoor dining, 50-person limit on gatherings, recreational sports, and elective procedures. No additional arts and entertainment waivers will be issued at this time.

ReOpen DC - Phase Two Guidelines

June 22, 2020: Phase Two of ReOpen DC Starts Today

Phase Two of ReOpen DC starts today. Mayor’s Order 2020-075 announcing Phase Two, along with a wealth of Phase Two guidance information for businesses, can be found here. The documents listed on the site offer operating guidance for specific sectors and what to do in the event of potential exposures and/or positive COVID-19 cases.

June 17, 2020: Phase Two of ReOpen DC Expected to Begin on Monday, June 22

Mayor Bowser announced Phase Two of ReOpen DC is likely to begin on Monday, June 22 – assuming metrics remain consistent with Phase 2 goals. A Mayor’s Order with detailed guidance is expected to be issued soon.

Here are some key highlights of additional permitted activities in Phase Two:

  • Restaurants – Indoor seating is allowed as long as restaurants do not exceed 50% capacity. All tables must be at least six feet apart. Diners must be seated and patrons must place orders and be served while sitting at tables. Bars and nightclubs must remain closed.
  • Retail – Non-essential retailers may reopen in-store with safeguards and capacity limits (no more than 50% capacity).
  • Fitness & Recreation – Gyms, health clubs, yoga, dance, and workout studios may reopen with capacity limits of 5 persons per 1,000 square feet. Group classes are limited with at least 10 feet between each person and equipment.
  • Personal Services – Personal services that were not allowed to open in Phase One (e.g. nail salons, massage spaces) may provide services by appointment only with strong safeguards and physical distancing (stations must be at least six feet apart).

A host of Phase Two Guidance documents is available on the city’s coronavirus website, including guidance documents for specific sectors such as food retailers, hotel accommodation, restaurants, and childcare. The sector guidance documents include instructions on what to do in the event of potential exposures and/or positive COVID-19 cases. Click here to view or download Phase Two Guidance documents published by the city.

ReOpen DC - Phase Two Guidelines

June 16, 2020: Free Social Distancing Sidewalk Decals for Golden Triangle Businesses

The BID is offering free social distancing sidewalk decals for businesses in the Golden Triangle. The sidewalk decals can help designate pick-up areas for retail goods or takeout orders and can aid with line management outside so that patrons maintain a safe distance. The designs are shown in the photo below.

Golden Triangle businesses interested in participating should contact us by Friday, June 19. They must specify how many decals they would like. The BID will provide up to 4 decals per business. Decals are expected to be ready by Friday, June 26. When ordering their decals, businesses should also advise whether they plan to have new outdoor seating and/or pick-up areas outside for retail goods or takeout orders.

The BID will design, print, and install the decals and will cover all associated costs. We can also help with marking the areas for sidewalk cafes using colored tape.

Social Distancing Sidewalk Decals for Golden Triangle Businesses

June 15, 2020: Guidelines for Outdoor Space Use

DDOT has issued guidelines to support restaurants in using outdoor space for additional seating. The guidelines provide options for restaurants to convert sidewalk spaces, parking spaces, alleys, and travel lanes into parklets and outdoor seating. There are specific requirements for each type. Click here or the image below to view the guidelines.

ReImagining Outdoor Space: Restaurant and Retail - Guidelines for Expanded and New Outdoor Seating

May 29, 2020: PPE Care Packages for DC Businesses

**Update: the Zone 7-Golden Triangle PPE Pick-Up Location is now closed and we do not have any PPE inventory left**

Phase One of ReOpen DC starts today, Friday, May 29. Mayor Muriel Bowser is providing a Care Packages of personal protective equipment (PPE) to District of Columbia businesses authorized to open in phase 1 of ReOpen DC. The Golden Triangle BID is facilitating the distribution of these Care Packages to Zone 7 on this map.  Sign up now on Eventbrite here to participate in this offer.

When registering on Eventbrite, you will need your FEIN number (Federal Employer Identification Number) to complete your registration. Upon completing your registration, you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite with your ticket attached.  Please bring your email confirmation and your ticket (either on a mobile device or a printout) when you pick up your Care Package.

Zone 7 – Golden Triangle PPE Pick-Up Location
1122 Connecticut Ave NW

Hours of Operation

Note the equipment is provided on a first-come-first-served basis, so your confirmation message does not guarantee that you will receive a PPE Care Package. We encourage you to pick up your Care Package as soon as possible.

Instructions on How to Put Together the Face Masks Included in the PPE Care Packages

Watch a 5-minute video with step-by-step instructions on how to put together the face masks included in the Care Packages here.

May 27, 2020: DC Reopening Phase One Begins on Friday 5/29

Mayor Bowser announced today that the District’s Stay-at-Home Order will be lifted and Phase One of business reopening will begin on Friday, May 29. Information on retail, restaurants, and services can be found on pages 8-19 in the Mayor’s Coronavirus Situational Update issued today.

For more specific guidance on businesses eligible to reopen and social distancing requirements for each business sector, please refer to DC Mayor’s Order 2020-067.

Here is a very quick overview of the businesses that may reopen in Phase One:

  • Retail – Curbside pickup and pick up at the door is permitted.  Delivery may continue. Customers cannot shop inside stores.
  • Restaurants – Outdoor seating is permitted, as long as tables are 6 feet apart and no more than 6 people per table. Curbside pickup and delivery may continue.  Customers cannot sit inside the restaurant.
  • Salons and Barber Shops – By appointment only and customers cannot wait for their appointments inside. Work stations must be at least 6 feet apart, and there may be only one customer per stylist.  Hair services are the only services permitted; nail services, waxing, electrolysis, and threading are not permitted.

The city is working on guidelines that will allow restaurants with outdoor seating to expand that seating along the sidewalk and potentially into parking spaces and streets.  The city will also list the circumstances under which restaurants without outdoor seating may place some seating outside.  The guidelines, which we will share as soon as they are available, will allow restaurants to apply for space but will be much simpler than the normal permit process.

The Mayor’s Order will also identify circumstances under which childcare centers and dentist’s offices may reopen, and under what circumstances elective surgeries can resume.

May 26, 2020: Starter PPE Supplies for Businesses Reopening in Phase One

On May 26, Mayor Bowser announced that the city will provide one-time starter “care packages” of personal protective equipment (PPE) to help businesses permitted to open in the Phase One of the ReOpen DC plan get started. This limited supply will be distributed by BIDs to businesses to help them get started while they procure their PPE supplies for continuing business operations. The Golden Triangle BID will provide more information as soon as it is available.

Phase One of reopening is currently estimated to start on May 29, barring any spikes in infections. Tomorrow the Mayor might announce an official reopening date as well as formal, specific requirements for businesses.

The Golden Triangle BID encourages businesses to look carefully at their PPE needs and check the ReOpen DC report to find out if their business is eligible for the first phase and what safety requirements will likely apply for their business category. There are very specific guidelines for different businesses such as retail, restaurants, hair salons, daycares, etc.

May 22, 2020: DC Businesses ReOpening Checklist and Required Safety Signage

On May 22, the city released a checklist for restaurant and retail business owners to assess whether they are ready to comply with Phase One of the ReOpen DC plan.

The checklist includes information on operations, safety enforcements, and closure plans. View the document below or click here.

Before You Open Checklist for Restaurant and Retail

In addition, the Golden Triangle BID has free professionally printed signs for essential businesses, which under the Mayor’s Order 2020-066 must post safety requirements at their entrances.

You can view a PDF version of the sign below or by clicking here.

Email us to request a professionally printed sign.

Signs for Essential Businesses

May 21, 2020: ReOpen DC Plan Announced For Phased Reopening

On May 21, Mayor Bowser and the chairs of the ReOpen DC Advisory Group presented a four-stage plan for the reopening of DC, based on key public health indicators and recommendations. The full ReOpen DC Recommendations to the Mayor report can be read here.

For some businesses, public spaces, and activities, Stage 1 of reopening could start as early as May 29.

The report’s reopening recommendations for Stage 1 include:

  • Restaurants can reopen outdoor seating with physical distancing and safeguards (but no indoor seating)
  • Non-essential retailers can provide curbside pickup and delivery service
  • Barbershops and hair salons can reopen by appointment only, with strong safeguards and physical distancing of 5 people per 1,000 square feet of space
  • For non-essential office work, work from home is strongly recommended

A summary of the four reopening stages can be found on page 18 of the report.

ReOpen DC - Recommendations to the Mayor

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