Picnic In The Park 2020

Join us for a virtual Picnic in the Park!  Whether you are picnicking on your living room floor, your third-floor balcony, or in your backyard, you can transport yourself to the French countryside, a beach in Peru, or to one of the lovely parks in the Golden Triangle.

We’re here to curate your delicious and culturally rich at-home picnic with our restaurant and retail partners in the Golden Triangle and our friends at the State Department’s American Music Abroad program.

Pisco Sours To-Go from Pisco y Nazca

Pita Sandwich Kit from Little Sesame

Merveilleux from Un Je Ne Sais Quoi

Triple Chocolate Brownies from Equinox

Food & Beverage


Transport yourself to the sunny coasts of Peru with appetizers and Pisco Sours from Pisco y Nazca.


Snag the Pita Sandwich Kit from Little Sesame and enjoy a pita-perfect picnic with the bright flavors of their shawarma, tahini, schug, and pillowy pita.


Called “Washington, DC’s Go-To Dessert” by The Washington Post, order the Merveilleux (translation: ‘marvelous’ and it is) from Un Je Ne Sais Quoi.

Get bubbly with the Poema Cava Brut and Triple Chocolate Brownies from Equinox because if there’s any time to double-down on dessert, it’s now…

Justin Trawick and The Common Good


The American Music Abroad program is run by the United States Department of State and features artists who represent the new generation of musical ambassadors, reaching beyond concert halls to interact with other musicians and citizens around the globe.

To enhance your at-home picnic experience, please enjoy these DC-based artists who have worked with the American Music Abroad program.

For more information visit exchanges.state.gov and follow the American Music Abroad program on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Justin Trawick and The Common Good

Enjoy Justin Trawick and The Common Good’s backyard concert made specifically for your picnic.

Black Alley


Nelly's Echo

Tamara Jade

Below are carefully selected songs by DC area artists featured in the American Music Abroad program



To celebrate, and to help make your next quarantine picnic complete, we are giving away a picnic basket of wonderful Golden Triangle goodies valued at $175. The giveaway will be hosted on our Instagram channel and is scheduled to launch on June 25. Check back then for a chance to win the following prizes:

Good luck!

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