Golden Streets 2018

“Gardens of the World”

The Golden Triangle BID hosts the Golden Streets competition each year for property owners to showcase flowers and plants in beautifully designed tree box displays in front of their buildings. This year as the summer rolls in, these special boxes enhance the neighborhood with color and creativity, under the 2018 theme of “Gardens of the World.”

Award winners were selected by a panel of expert judges who walked the streets of the Golden Triangle to determine awards for displays that exhibit the Best in Design and Best in Sustainability. As determined by the judges, the 2018 Golden Streets award winners are:

  • Best in Design:

PNC Place, 800 17th Street, NW: 800 17th Street Garden

Inspired by gardens in Mexico, France and Japan, these nine large tree boxes incorporate temperate tropical plants and aloes, light blue salvias, and bamboo-like plants and stones to mimic a zen garden.

  • Best in Sustainability:

Washington Square, 1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW: Tapisseries de Trottoir

Inspired by the L’Enfant Plan, which laid out the urban design and streetscape for the nation’s capital, the thoughtful design included perennial plants that do not require much watering, as well as yellow lantana, an annual that does well in hot DC summers and attracts pollinators.

  • Best in Design Second Place:

1900 K Street: Arabian Daze

  • Best in Design Honorable Mention:

1730 Rhode Island Avenue: The Color Spectrum

The sustainability winner took inspiration from the L’Enfant Plan, which laid out the urban design for the nation’s capital city. The thoughtful design included native, low maintenance plants that will thrive in the DC summer.

Find the boxes on the map, then visit and enjoy the incredibly landscaped tree boxes designed by the participants in the 2018 competition:

  • 1. 1120 Connecticut Avenue — Worldwide Gardening Connections II
  • 2. 1050 Connecticut Avenue, NW — Tapisseries de Trottoir
  • 3. 1801 K Street — Zen Gardens of Japan
  • 4. 1900 K Street — Arabian Daze: Shining, Shimmering, Splendid.
  • 5. 2020 K Street — Inspiration
  • 6. 1899 Pennsylvania Avenue — Indian Summer
  • 7. 1776 G Street — The Garden of the Morning Calm
  • 8. 800 17th Street — 17th Street Garden
  • 9. 888 17th Street — The Royal Gardens
  • 10. 901 17th Street — Bloom Where You Are Planted
  • 11. 1025 Connecticut Avenue — “Welcome to our Garden,” Prince Harry and Princess Meghan
  • 12. 1707 L Street — Green is Gold
  • 13. 1100 17th Street — Intersection of L Street & the World
  • 14. 1200 16th Street — Monticello on M Street
  • 15. 1200 17th Street — Sustainable on Seventeenth
  • 16. 1730 Rhode Island Avenue — The Color Spectrum
  • 17. 1150 Connecticut Avenue — Worldwide Gardening Connections I
  • 18. 1350 Connecticut Avenue — Paradise in the Circle
  • 19. 1220 19th Street — Benvenito Nel Nosro Giardino
  • 20. 1200 19th Street — Wild and Wonderful
  • 21. 1900 M Street — Welcome to the Island of Capri
  • 22. 1146 19th Street — Welcome to the Island of Eolie
  • 23. 1140 19th Street — Welcome to the island of Pontines
  • 24. 2055 L Street — Garden Party
  • 25. 1899 L Street — What a Wonderful World!

The Great Pineapple Hunt

June 18-29, 2018

Area workers, local residents, and students can join in on the fun with an interactive scavenger hunt game for two weeks leading up to the winners being announced. Each day we will hide a giant pineapple in a different tree box participating in the competition. All you have to do is find it, snap a selfie and post it on Twitter or Instagram with #GoldenStreets to be entered to win a $50 gift card each week! Remember, you must be following us on Twitter and/or Instagram in order for your entry to be valid. Happy searching!

The Judges

On June 27, once the flower boxes are in full bloom, the judges will walk the streets of the Golden Triangle and choose winners for Best in Design and Best in Sustainability. This year, the judges range from garden aficionados to those who have based their career around gardening, landscaping and design

  • James Gagliardi, Smithsonian Institution
  • Bradford McKee, Landscape Architecture Magazine
  • Luis Marmol, Dumbarton Oaks

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