Futureā€™s Past by Kate Raudenbush

Kate Raudenbush
Futureā€™s Past, 2010, laser cut steel, light, and an hourglass
Previously located on the southeast corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and I Street, NW

Visitors to Kate Raudenbush’s Future’s PastĀ encounter a temple to technology, abandoned and consumed by nature.Ā Referencing both the roots of trees and computer circuitry, this modern ruin isĀ a meditation on technology and the environmentā€™s vital role in our survival. TheĀ blackĀ pyramid evokes a Mayan temple, an homage to a collapsed culture and a reminder of the frailty of our own, while the tree alludes to the trees of Angkor templesĀ and the sacred Bodhi tree, the fig tree under which Buddha found enlightenment. The hourglass inside the altar signals the urgency of our current technological evolution. Raudenbush, aĀ self-taughtĀ Burning Man-bredĀ sculptureĀ artist, is based in New York City.

More info on the artist: http://www.kateraudenbush.com/


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