Golden Haiku: 2018 Award Winners!


…a short poem that uses imagistic language to convey an experience.
– Haiku Society of America

The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District is proud to announce winners of its 5th annual Golden Haiku Competition which invites poets and aspiring poets to submit haiku to be judged by an expert panel.

This year we received a record-breaking 1,675 entries from 45 countries and 34 states, and the District of Columbia. Our judges chose their top three haiku, a D.C. winner, five honorable mentions and dozens of judges’ favorites to be displayed on signs adorning tree boxes throughout the Golden Triangle, and they can be viewed online. We hope the haiku will bring a smile to commuters and visitors alike and brighten the winter landscape as flowers began to bloom.

The “Spring in the City” theme fostered haiku invoking images of thawing sidewalks and blooming cherry blossoms in front of the judges and we are excited for the winners to line the iconic city streets. Read more about the competition and winners in our press release online.

2018 Golden Haiku Winners

First Place:

the twitch
of a cat’s ear
spring drizzle
— Debbi Antebi
(London, England)

Second Place:

a basketball spins
on the edge of the hoop
spring equinox
— Garry Eaton
(Vancouver, Canada)

Third Place:

cherry blossoms
migrating from there
to here
— Mary Kendall
(Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

D.C. Winner:

one step ahead
sidewalk sparrow
— Elizabeth Steinglass

Honorable Mentions

blue iris
the shapes between
— Lucy Whitehead

a toddler rings and rings
her trike bell
— Hannah Mahoney

mid-March sun
the playground littered
with little parkas
— Anna Eklund-Cheong

the sound
of a cocoon
— Billy Antonio

a discarded umbrella
gathers rain
— Tia Haynes


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