Rain Garden Sculptures

Gigantic vessel-like sculptures inhabit the Golden Triangle rain gardens


Created by local sculptor Foon Sham, the imaginative pieces, ranging from nine to eleven feet tall, are located at 19th & L Streets. The vessel forms of the sculptures symbolize the functions of the rain garden to collect, hold, and filter excess rain water.

The Golden Triangle commissioned the sculptures which were installed in November 2015.

The Golden Triangle led the design and construction of the rain gardens at 19th & L Streets with grant assistance from the District Department of Energy & Environment. The gardens add nearly 3,000 square feet of green space and can filter tens of thousands of gallons of runoff annually. The gardens also provide a refuge for butterflies and other pollinators with native vegetation and a resting spot for people with the garden’s integrated seating. Foon Sham’s sculptures add another layer of interest and beauty to this area.

To learn more about the artist, visit foonsham.com.

Click here for more information on the Rain Gardens.


Vascular Form #10

Turning Point



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