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Security and Emergency Preparedness

Taking action to assure safety.

The Golden Triangle BID provides a number of safety, security and emergency preparedness services to members of the Golden Triangle.

Emergency Preparedness Exercises

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recognized the Golden Triangle BID as an honorable mention winner of its Individual and Community Preparedness Award.  The BID was also honored by the International Downtown Association (IDA) for its Safe, Secure, Prepared program receiving the Excellence in Urban Place Management Award in the Downtown Leadership and Management category which recognizes unique organizational approaches and projects that “improve the effectiveness of downtown management organizations.” As a leader in this field, the BID takes an active role in preparing the neighborhood for natural and man-made disasters.

The BID connects members with necessary tools to increase their preparedness to all-hazards emergencies. The BID works to develop cutting edge programs in Shelter-in-Place and Workplace Emergency Planning.

The Golden Triangle BID also maintains valuable partnerships with government agencies, local and federal law enforcement, and safety officials to host quarterly exercises. These exercises help Golden Triangle members test and improve emergency plans through “real-life” scenarios. Facility managers, office staff, and other key stakeholders from private and public organizations within the neighborhood participate to interactively plan ways to deal with unexpected emergencies.

Emergency Alert System

The Golden Triangle BID also delivers neighborhood specific alerts (e-alerts) to update stakeholders on street closures, extreme weather, and other incidents. These real-time alerts are sent via email and text message. If you are interested in receiving e-alerts, email with your name, phone number, and preferred email address.

Safe Streets

The Golden Triangle Safety Council, which includes local and federal law enforcement officers, convenes regularly to discuss public safety concerns and initiatives. The Council also conducts regular walks of the neighborhood to critically examine the safety of the Golden Triangle.

Golden Triangle’s Ambassadors also help to sustain low crime levels by acting as the “eyes and ears” on the street. Specially-trained Ambassadors help safeguard the neighborhood by conducting routine neighborhood sweeps on Segways. They also provide maps of the neighborhood, directions, and information on restaurants and retail to people who are new to the neighborhood.


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