Security and Emergency Preparedness

Taking action to assure safety

The Golden Triangle BID’s award-winning Safety, Security, and Emergency Preparedness Program works to foster a safe environment and assist businesses and individuals in preparing for emergencies.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recognized the Golden Triangle BID as an honorable mention winner of its Individual and Community Preparedness Award.  The BID was also honored by the International Downtown Association (IDA) for its Safe, Secure, Prepared program receiving the Excellence in Urban Place Management Award in the Downtown Leadership and Management category which recognizes unique organizational approaches and projects that “improve the effectiveness of downtown management organizations.”

Working together allows our neighborhood to be better protected and prepared.

Training and Exercises

The BID takes an active role in helping prepare the neighborhood for natural and human-caused emergencies by creating numerous training and educational opportunities.  These interactive engagements empower organizations and individuals to take appropriate actions before, during, and after disruptive incidents and emergencies.  Trainings range from small-group workshops to tabletop exercises involving more than 300 participants and cover a variety of all-hazards topics such as building evacuation, shelter-in-place, severe weather, suspicious activity, active shooter, workplace violence, terrorism, utility outage, cybersecurity, and business continuity.  Exercises help Golden Triangle members test and improve emergency plans through “real-life” scenarios.

Preparedness Resources

The Golden Triangle is proud to provide its community with resources to assist in their preparedness at a personal and professional level. Please see the below links curated by the Golden Triangle Emergency Preparedness team:


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