Ursa Major by Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson
Ursa Major, 2016, pennies, steel, Styrofoam, and concrete;
courtesy Judy & Steven Gluckstern
Previously located on the 900 block of 19th Street, NW

Ursa Major is a 14-foot tall grizzly bear standing with her left arm outstretched towards the sky with a shimmering coat comprised of 170,000 pennies from the United States, Canada, and Europe. Named after the Ursa Major constellation in the night sky, Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson created the work through a Burning Man honorarium and enlisted the help of over 20 volunteers to create Ursa’s penny fur. The artists are a husband and wife team based in the San Francisco Bay Area who first met and then later married at Burning Man.

More info on the artists: https://www.mr-and-mrs-ferguson.com/


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