Thai Yoga Massage

Thursday, October 1 - Saturday, October 31 | Eye Street Massage Therapy - 1634 I Street NW

Get $50 off a Thai yoga massage this month. It improves flexibility with stretching and lengthening of muscles through passive and assisted yoga postures, and releases muscle tension with gentle deep pressure. The Thai yoga massage is non-intrusive. Clients remain fully clothed during the session while laying on a mat.

Benefits of Thai Yoga Massage:

  • Aids in balancing the body’s energy flow by manipulating the Sen meridians.
  • Removes toxins and delivers fresh nutrients to the body by stimulating the blood and lymph flow and flushing out the system.
  • Improves breathing and circulation by working with the rhythm of the client’s breath.
  • Improves range of motion by engaging and mobilizing joints and muscles.
  • Brings into focus and centers the mind, body, and spirit.
  • A non-intrusive bodywork modality where the client is fully clothed.

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