The Golden Triangle BID produces numerous publications to help promote the area and serve as useful resources for members.
A number of Golden Triangle publications are available for download below.

Guide to the Golden Triangle

The Guide to the Golden Triangle is the official street-level business directory for the Golden Triangle. Find more than 600 shops, restaurants, hotels, and hot spots inside the Guide, and get transportation information for DC’s Central Business District.

Map of the Golden Triangle

A map of the 43 blocks of the Golden Triangle BID shows the BID boundaries, directions to nearby attractions, Metro stations, parks, and building footprints. Use it as a quick reference guide to help you get around the neighborhood.

Bicycling in the Golden Triangle

Cycling can be a great way to get around in the Golden Triangle. With more than 400 racks on the street, six artistic racks, and several bike sharing locations, it’s easy to enjoy the benefits of biking in the central business district.

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