Ballet Folklorico Municipal Lago Ranco

GLDN+ Event

A special GLDN+ Event included a series of performances by Chilean dance group, Ballet Folklorico Municipal Lago Ranco, followed by a Certificate of Appreciation presented to the group by Executive Director Leona Agouridis of the Golden Triangle.

The series featured three performances, each about 20-minutes:

    • North of Chile (Aymara)
    • Traditional Cueca (Central Chile)
    • Rapa Nui (Eastern Island)

Founded in April 2003, the Ballet Folklorico Lago Ranco has flourished as a beacon of the rich cultural heritage of Chile and Latin America.

Its main mission is to promote and spread traditional cultural manifestations through dance. Since its creation, the Ballet has been an ambassador of Chilean culture in local, regional, and national events, and has also proudly represented Chile through international samples in nine countries. The Ballet is also dedicated to teaching and cultural exchange, having organized seminars on international folkloric dance.

Photos by Nick Moreland