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Just steps away from the White House, the Golden Triangle is a premier mixed-use location in DC's downtown, where the community connects through innovation, design, inclusivity, and culture.

Why Golden Triangle

One of the world’s premier places to experience.

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If you are a broker or prospective tenant looking for a space, contact our team. The BID tracks available space, including square footage and other details, as well as foot traffic and other stats.

A Hub for Retail, Dining, Working, Culture, and Entertainment

The Golden Triangle is a popular area, frequented by a large number of workers, visitors and nearby residents. Easily accessible to other parts of the Metro area via transit, bike, car, and rideshare, the neighborhood also is within walking distance of the White House, The George Washington University, many international institutions, and residential areas with strong spending potential.

The Golden Triangle offers a diverse mix of restaurants and fast-casual dining, men’s and women’s apparel shops, jewelry stores, boutiques, museums, gift shops, drug stores, and other businesses that cater to the service needs of area offices, visitors, and local residents.

Bring Your Appetite

The Golden Triangle offers plentiful dining options at all price points, with restaurants serving the best of Italian, Mediterranean, Indian, and other cuisines from around the world. A strong fast-casual market caters to lunchtime needs of the neighborhood workers, with a mix of local concepts and national chains. Independent coffee shops abound in the neighborhood, as well as happy hour destinations and weekend nightlife spots.

To find the perfect place to eat, use our interactive map, a complete and searchable listing from the neighborhood.