Farragut Park

Farragut Park is the town square of the Golden Triangle.

The park is a beautiful place for people to visit within this bustling commercial and business district, which includes major hotels, international businesses, news media offices, and countless restaurants and retailers. Each spring, the BID adds color to the park by hanging flower baskets, and in the winter, light poles are adorned with festive holiday lights and decorations. Farragut Park is bordered by K Street and Connecticut Avenue, and is surrounded by high-traffic Metrobus stops and two of the area’s busiest Metro Rail stations: Farragut West & Farragut North.

A lively events calendar creates opportunities for tens of thousands of attendees to come together to escape the indoors and enjoy a variety of recreational and fitness events throughout the year.

Free Wi-Fi access is available in Farragut Park thanks to DC government hotspots installed as part of the PA 2040 Smart City project, allowing people in this tech-savvy neighborhood to work outdoors. Benches and water fountains surround a statue of David G. Farragut, Union admiral in the American Civil War.