Golden Haiku 2019


…a short poem that uses imagistic language to convey an experience. – Haiku Society of America

Calling all poets and aspiring poets, from around the world and around the corner!

The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District is proud to announce its 6th annual Golden Haiku literary competition. Award-winning haiku entries, along with dozens of honorable mentions, will be featured in tree boxes along some of DC’s most iconic streets throughout March. The colorful signs will brighten the winter landscape as spring arrives creating a magical experience for thousands to enjoy.

The haiku entries will be judged by a distinguished panel of published haiku experts. The theme will be “Spring in the City,” but any related theme will be accepted.

Learn more about how to write a contemporary Haiku.

Each participant may enter only once, submitting a maximum of three original haiku on the form.

Submissions for the Golden Triangle’s 2019 Golden Haiku contest will be accepted through February 4 and winners could receive prizes valued up to $500.

Submission Form

Each participant may enter only one time, submitting a maximum of three haiku on the form.

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