Return to the Office

We are excited to launch a series of original webinars, short videos, and podcasts dedicated to helping you and your tenants create a return-to-office strategy. These resources were created based on feedback we received directly from members of the community. As new material is created it will be available for viewing on this page, below.

Return to Office Webinar
Planning for a Safe Return to the Office

May 26, 2021

This comprehensive webinar features experts from the CDC, METRO, a law firm and property management sharing guidance on how to successfully develop a plan for a safe return to in-person work.


Answering Your HR & Insurance Questions

March 24, 2021

This webinar explores the quickly changing HR and insurance environments around the return to a new normal following COVID. Our expert panel helps answer your questions and arm you with the knowledge you need to prepare your company to return to the office.


Healthy Buildings

February 8, 2021

In this webinar, we discuss the healthy building trend, including what makes a healthy building or office space, how the healthy building movement has adapted to the pandemic, and how you can create a healthier environment for your tenants or employees.


Additional Resources for Planning a Safe Return to the Office

Explore the following links for current comprehensive resources and best practices on navigating a variety of COVID-related challenges in your workplace:

DC Mayor’s Order, Mask Guidance, and Latest CDC Guidance

Return to Office Surveys

Tips to Develop your Return to Office Plan

Consider this a Continuity of Business operation and use those same planning principles.

The Planning Process

  • Planning is an ongoing process: Implement -> Evaluate -> Update -> Implement
  • Continue leveraging your interdisciplinary team: Leadership, HR/Finance, Facilities/Operations, Employees
  • Communicate your plan to staff and your property

Planning Considerations

  • Current government guidance
  • Staffing – Who comes back and when?
    • Return approach – All at once or phased in; if phased, how?
    • Staff to ensure continuity of key business processes
    • Look to have complementary skill sets across days
    • Staggered start/end times
  • Ensure your plan is consistent with your building’s plan
  • Transportation options

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