Connecticut Avenue Median Lights

Colorful lights cascade up Connecticut Avenue.

Along the famed Connecticut Avenue corridor, a landscaped median with seasonally-rotated plants replaced 8,000 square feet of asphalt. The lush landscaping is enhanced with artistically designed lights that cascade up four blocks of Connecticut Avenue. The visual display of lights creates a remarkable ambiance on the Avenue and is formally called “Golden Lights.”

The BID rotates the plantings throughout the year with eye-catching, colorful flowers, grasses, and trees to reflect the changing seasons. In partnership with the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, the BID adorned the median with a public art installation of programmable lights that change color as well as cascade down the avenue providing strong visual appeal to this world-class destination.

The construction of the median was spearheaded by the Golden Triangle BID and funded by the District Department of Transportation. The design was created by artist Alex Cooper. The Connecticut Avenue Median improves pedestrian safety by providing 10-12 foot landing areas for persons crossing the six lanes of Connecticut Avenue. The median also serves as a barricade to prevent mid-block U-turns.

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