Connecticut Avenue Overlook Generates Buzz and Electricity

Washington, D.C. — November 18, 2016 — The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID) today announced the completion of the Connecticut Avenue Overlook, a pocket park at the tip of Connecticut Avenue on the south side of Dupont Circle.

The plaza includes a pilot project that features Pavegen pavers, a pioneering flooring technology that converts kinetic energy from people’s footsteps into electricity. The energy is stored in batteries that illuminate accent lights in the park from dusk to dawn. Made from recycled polymer and truck tires, the pavers are both durable and eco-friendly.

“From streetlights to traffic signals and now pavers, DDOT is fully embracing sustainable technology,” said DDOT Director Leif Dormsjo. “The improvements at Connecticut Avenue Overlook are just the latest examples of our commitment to innovative infrastructure as we strive to make the District one of the nation’s premier cities for smart technology.”

DDOT and the Golden Triangle BID have been redesigning and revitalizing Connecticut Avenue through a successful partnership and this newest pocket park is part of that ongoing effort.  From the construction of an artfully landscaped median to beautiful new sidewalk pavers and additional street furniture, Connecticut Avenue has been transformed into a grand avenue connecting Dupont Circle to K Street.

“The process of transforming a nondescript semicircle of blank concrete into an attractive and inviting oasis in a bustling metropolis is very exciting,” said Leona Agouridis, Executive Director of the Golden Triangle BID. “It is even better knowing that the space includes cutting-edge technology that dovetails so nicely with our ongoing technology infrastructure initiatives. Green space makes the Golden Triangle an attractive neighborhood and implementing green technology continues to position us as an incubator for creativity and innovation.”

Pavegen founder and CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook added, “Expanding into the US is one of the biggest steps Pavegen has taken, engaging people all over the world with renewable energy. We’ve created a product that can reshape the way people move in our cities, and with current digitization, our ability to connect physical and digital worlds through a single footstep places us at the forefront of the footfall energy-harvesting market.”

DDOT and the Golden Triangle BID will work together on the park’s maintenance. Urban designers from Zimmer, Gunsul, Frasca Architects donated their time and expertise to create the pocket park. Fort Myer Construction Corporation was the contractor on the project. DDOT also received support from Volkert Associates.


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